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WM-Center has been in the market of financial service since 2004. The range of services which our company renders will satisfy needs of everyone who is eager to carry out financial money exchanging transaction in the quickest and beneficial way.The main principle of our company is the professional access to needs of our clients. Every client is very important for us.


WM-Center has been in the market of financial service since 2004. The range of services which our company renders will satisfy needs of everyone who is eager to carry out financial money exchanging transaction in the quickest and beneficial way. The main principle of our company is the professional access to needs of our clients. Every client is very important for us. Professionally selected team will help you to solve any problem at breakneck speed with the maximum of efficiency. Our experience and opportunities together with serious access to the work will help your needs to be realized.

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  1. Very good fast and professional service, their 24 hours support is very helpful

  2. Exchanged using WM-Center many times in the past. I was very happy but now I’ve found other sites that charge lower fees

  3. My number one exchanger! Extremely fast and very reliable, great support 24 hours online!

  4. Pls i need where i can get 1PM for 1LR. Thanks

  5. i was wondering for online money exchanger

    then found this link htt://onlinemoney-exchange.com

    i really love the service of this
    and most important this is cheap and fast service

    i would recommend this for exchange money
    i really like this and i am sure you will also love it’s

  6. I have used this site: http://imoneyexchanger.com/ it much better, they do exchange in low fee, I have used them to buy LR, in there days there are lot of exchanger for LR. Also you can see exchanger list on LR site.

  7. This company is the best, I especially like their 24/7/365 support and reasonable fees

  8. Used them to exchange Liberty Reserve to Western Union. The transacion was ok overall but had a little problem at the western union desk because the payment was not send in usd as we agreed. I will use them in future

  9. wm-center they are scamers and they scame me and they will scame you in futuer

  10. i am small exchanger i have exchanged by them for the past 2 years and they were good until today usally pepole ask me for exchange and i tack from them 5% coz wm-center tack 4% from me and when i have order i give it to them and when they pick up the WU i directly exchange for the person who buy LR from me so that make me fast untill today i exchanged with them but the problem was they said who exchanged with me was scamer he scamed other person so they stoped my exchange and tooked my money that i already sent it for them ??????? first how i will know he is scamer same for them when some one exchange how they will know than they said i uesd another name to exchange and that what they couldent proofff for me and her is our conversation with them
    2012-02-02 08:17:58
    Beatriz Selene: the money that i resend the 1500$ was on this recvier you gaved me First name: Victoria Mariluz,
    Last name: Ortiz Espinoza,
    City: Manta,
    Country: Ecuador
    2012-02-02 08:18:52
    Beatriz Selene: Current Status: The money transfer is ready to be picked up at an Agent location in your Receiver\’s area.
    Service: Money in Minutes
    Tracking Number (MTCN): 5702969203
    Date Sent: 02/01/2012
    Sent To: Ecuador
    Amount Sent: $ 1500.00
    Amount Received: 1500.00 US Dollar
    Beatriz Selene: please i would like to know when i will recive my order thank you
    2012-02-03 11:12:14
    Hello. Are you representative of EBUYGOLD.com exchange service?

    2012-02-03 11:33:15
    Beatriz Selene: no iam not representative of EBUYGOLD.com exchange service iam normal exchanger that exchange for pepole online ,i would like to know what is the problem please and why the order is held ? thank you
    2012-02-03 11:37:23
    You are scammer. You have tried to scam us. You have used stolen ICQ

    > EBUYGOLD.COM (03:36:39 16/01/2012) > send on this 5 k U8312786and this 5K U7841928and this 2.5k U9919814

    2012-02-03 23:52:18
    Beatriz Selene: that isnt me ,so cut the crap and please send me my lr or send me back te wu in the same name
    2012-02-04 02:00:17
    Beatriz Selene: i just exchange for this accounts so dont be smart now ok
    2012-02-04 02:01:09
    Beatriz Selene: Dear wm-center Admin
    Hi how are you .
    first of all sir iam working on net for just exchanging and
    i ues the same way you are dealing with and that is when some
    one ask me from exchange on my icq chat tools that i exchange througth it
    i go and place order on ur site and i tack from him more 1% above
    your fee and when you pick it up i directly exchange for him
    becoues i know that you are also fast from your side
    2012-02-04 02:01:51
    Beatriz Selene: and i never use ur WU receivers for any illegal means like any kind of scam and fraud.
    and as i told you iam normal exchanger not representative of EBUYGOLD.com exchange service
    or any other exchange company my exchange is simple ,who ever
    wont to exchange contact me i give him rate 5% becoues u tack
    4% i place order on your site after you pick it up i exchange for him
    so first of all how i will know if he is scamer or not ??? same

    Beatriz Selene: you if some one come to exchange on your site how you will know
    so iam only doing the same steps you do nothing more nothing less
    all the exchange i done with you i contact you by my contact tools
    not ebuygold or wm-center or ect ect.. that means iam legal plues
    iam already exchanging and i have all the batch for that so please
    sir i would like you think good becoues
    2012-02-04 02:02:41
    Beatriz Selene: i havent done any thing illegal to your company or any
    other company and you know that thier is no rules in exchanging
    that says the exchanger have to tack more info from the other part
    than that
    or other wise you would post it on your site and we will know that
    and when we exchange we will ask for it and who doesnt have it we
    wont exchange for him so that shows iam not doing any illegal

    Beatriz Selene: thing so iam Legal merchants plues i read you Agreement good and it says
    1.2. Administration of WM-center does not account and recovers losses that appears
    during incorrect usage of the service and also is not responsible for client’s mistakes
    when transferring electronic currency, filling in the forms of exchange that can cause transferring money to mistakenly pointed account.
    which mean you are not responsible for other\’s mistake in transferring
    2012-02-04 02:03:21
    Beatriz Selene: and that also what iam not responsible too and also you Agreement says
    1.3. The transaction is considered to be over when the service transfers the sum on the account
    (Liberty Reserve, Global Digital Pay, C-Gold, Pecunix, PayPal, Hoopay and others) pointed by the client.
    and you know sir that it is not only me who exchange for pepole thier is
    millions other like me and tack the same steps in exchanging
    thank you for your understanding
    Regards WM-center:
    So you are not representative of EBUYGOLD.com? What about your account name U9919814 (EBUYGOLD Exchanger)? Why you just changed it to Exchanger? And what about your LR account U7841928 (ebuygold.com) ? You are scammer. We have enough proofs. Do not waste your time.

    2012-02-04 04:51:10
    Beatriz Selene: first of all i can name my account as i like to if it was ebuygold but not ebuygold.com or ebuygoldLTD or anything like this second thing for the LR account that start with U7 that u talked about it that isnt mine that is for one who exchange with me so what proof you have

  11. WM-center is usually pretty good! Many good exchanges with them. Trusted!