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Nav Coin Announce Relaunch Release Date

The Nav Coin Foundation rarely gives set dates for their technology releases, which have been numerous in the past few months but wish to share this moment and have digital champagne with the Nav Coin community.

Nav Coin developer Craig Macgregor has been working on the project since January this year, and states the technology will be a game-changer for private transactions in cryptocurrency.

Last month Macgregor released a comprehensive white paper outlining the charter for Nav Coin and detailing the technology of the anonymous send system. This allowed time for the technology to be peer reviewed by other developers, which followed with unit and user testing to prepare the transaction system for public release.

In the past, Nav Coin has offered a bitcoin bounty for anyone that could trace a transaction. The old anonymous system was never cracked, and the bounty was never claimed. The new anonymous send system has a greater level of data obfuscation, is built with the latest bitcoin code and has the capacity to be decentralized; which would be a world first. The Nav Coin team are aiming to decentralize the anon system early December.

The Nav Coin dev team have also added new volunteer developers from the Nav community to work on side projects.

The Nav Coin team is committed to innovative cryptocurrency; upcoming projects are posted here: http://www.navcoin.org/projects/

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