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How to Choose a Forex Trading Platform

It can be daunting to choose a forex trading platform when you start trading – here are some features that should have a good forex trading platform:

#1 – Safety

Does Forex Broker provide information security for the platform? Your business and personal data are encrypted so that you can pay your money and your identity now or you pay via PayPal or bank transfer.

Fxtrade777 provide its users to use the Meta trader 4 platform and forex brokers should also give advice on how to increase your online security. I would be very cautious of someone who did not because they could not be blamed in case of problems.

In addition, do backup systems exist in which your information is stored in a computer problem?

#2 – Reliability

If you use Forex trading platform? Because of Forex a market of 24 hours a day, 5.5 days a week, finds something that you can use permanently. Even if the market is closed, you can place orders when the market will do.

The trading platform should also be effective – if it is slow, the price you can trade is outdated. A good Forex trading platform should be updated several times per second.

#3 – Trade with One Click

If a platform foreign exchange trading unreliable, slow and vulnerable to interruption, a trader can miss a quick time. A trading platform that offers clicks allows you to buy or sell a Forex contract with a single click, which means that you must pay for a ticket, and you will not miss the destination.

#4 – Trade Style

Last your trading style?It is easy to understand or cannot be interpreted by a retired Wall Street? Find a platform where it is

Easy to find your market and if you want to sell more foreign exchange, look for one that allows you to trade also on stocks, options, and indices.

How do you treat? If you are using a Mac, can you use the platform? The program can also be opened to various browsers and various mobile phones smartphones.

Basically, does it do what you need? A good forex trading platform will be customized according to your trading strategy – it allows automated trading, and allows you to trade any trade to micromanagement. The trading platform should provide you with good business opportunities and acceptable complex commands to be able to warn, including several strokes and prices offered by the Forex Broker, so you can easily reduce your risk while maximizing the profits.

#5 – Graphic

Is Forex trading platform is a separate plan platform and how easy to navigate? And if you want to sell your iPhone or Blackberry, you can remove it from your device? And you can exchange the ticket directly, or do you need a ticket?

Depending on your experience, you may want a carton wrap with a pattern recognition tool that monitors the markets on your behalf, and you can also let you know when chart patterns show business opportunities.

And if you want Forex trading all day, it is important that the cards are updated in real time.

#6 – Market analysis

Your currency broker offers market analysis, and that available to your trading platform, or visit the site?

A good forex trading platform should market research tools, including information flows, including internal research and look for a third party. Once the information is power, you have access to the maximum possible and have access to it without the Internet for the information that you need a smear.

Every trade, market offerings, also needs historical data, so you can see how the foremen were reached when a similar situation occurred.

#7 – Price

The free platform? Many online currency trading platforms offered by prime brokers are free, and their only cost if lost.

If forex trading software is not free, or if there is a small fee to find out what the additional benefits are. And if it is not free, is there a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the software?

#8 – Spread

Does the spread bargain platform provide the same pipe that the broker announced, or do you need to call to get the best deal?

A pip is a monetary unit and 0.0001 pipespændet is the difference between the purchase and the selling price for your currency – so if AUD / USD traded at 1.0578 / 1.0579, 1.0578 is the sale price and the purchase price is 1.0579 for a period, compensate the price of the currency loop difference before you can make money. So, in the example, if you buy at 1.0579, AUD has only two kernels from 1.0578 to 1.0560, to go up, to earn money. If there were a difference of three pip if the currency moves 4 pips before gaining.

#9 – Customer service

Does your currency broker want on an account or provide ongoing support for customers who use the trading platform?

You need to be able to e-mail and/or your corrector any question, call in the area of ​the button trades on your trading platform instead that is not what you do not want to do that.

#10 – Demo Account

No matter how many questions you may ask customer support, it is difficult to know how good a Forex trading platform is right for you, without being able to test it, then go online and see which companies have available account demonstration. A demo account must have all the functions of the entire account or nearby.

My recommendation

One of the companies currently trading IG Markets called an excellent trading platform PureDeal. I found it very good, mapping packages and information in the market and its surface is completely adapted to its customer service.

You can also open a free demo account on the site, with $ 20,000 letting the money play together, so why take my word? Try it yourself.

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