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Derebit Bitcoin Exchange

Deribit Options & Future Exchange Announces Quarterly Future And Rebate For Makers

Deribit is a bitcoin-only derivatives exchange for vanilla options and futures trading.

Deribit the biggest Options exchange for bitcoin in the world, is announcing it’s new quarterly future. The newest future can be traded with 25x leverage, expires on March 31 2017 and has started trading since the beginning of January.

Details about the Quarterly Future

  • 25x leverage
  • expires every quarter of the year (first on March 31 2017)
  • taker fee 0.05%, maker rebate 0.02%

Updated fees on the futures

Since the 6th of January Deribit has introduced a maker/taker fee structure for their Futures. Anyone adding liquidity to the exchange now receives a rebate of 0,02%. This way Deribit hopes to attract more market makers to the exchange.

Lightning fast and stable exchange

During the last weeks the exchange has performed top notch. While there was a period with high volatility Deribit.com showed it has a great system: no socialized losses and no deleveraging of positions. This is all due to their incremental auto-liquidation system: If an account has a maintenance margin higher than its equity, the Deribit risk engine will liquidate its position in small steps, providing maximal protection for all parties involved. Liquidations are small and instantaneous, again ensuring fairness for everyone.

Deribit is looking for market makers

If you are a market maker and you are interested in market making on Deribit.com please contact the support of Deribit. Deribit offers a higher rebate for market makers and give some other advantages.

What has deribit to offer?

  • 25x leverage on the weekly future and quarterly future
  • 10x leverage on vanilla options

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