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Cryptopay Bitcoin Wallet Paves Its Shortcut to the AppStore

Cryptopay Ltd. (London, England), now we are finally launching Cryptopay app for iOS aiming to create top-notch financial technologies affordable and convenient for everybody.

Our new program allows iPhone owners to receive, store, send and make purchases with bitcoins in a tap of a finger.

How much do I waste on banks

Cryptopay leverages Bitcoin, a cryptocurrency dependent on the Blockchain technology. We do not like to wait. We do not like to pay more than it requires.

Standard banking system is in complete charge of fiat currencies. The major flaw of such control is the lack of transparency, and that I have a small story to illustrate the point.

After a I needed to make a transfer to my friend in the united states. I went to the local Barclays branch old school style, to show them my ID to prove identity and pay for the worldwide transaction fee.

Barclay’s (left) charges a 20 pounds fee, if I want to be certain that payment has arrived. Halifax charges its own fee and warns that receiver bank in non-EEA country may also charge some quantity of money. It’s tough to even say how much.

I have compared the offer with Halifax, merely to be sure everyone charges the exact same amount in average.

If I want to ship 1000 pounds during the Barclay’s to your non-EEA nation, the total will be 1040 pounds + receiver fee, not mentioning the 20 pounds they charge for monitoring the payment. There’s also a fantastic opportunity to pay the extra #7 fee in the event of Barclay’s for the error in paperwork.

A trans-atlantic transaction took nearly a week and required the receiver to see the bank branch to show his identity.

The identical payment in BTC would result in 0 percent fee and could be delivered in one hour or three. That is how we see the general idea of Cryptopay — free you from the centralized banking system and its unfair demands.

Three steps to break free from Banks fees

Already described as easy and intuitive by early testers, we have created a step forward on user interface idea. New Cryptopay iOS app offers surroundings to receive, store, ship and make purchases with bitcoins.

Free Bitcoin wallet with some magic in it

The account you get on sign-up is already split by BTC, EUR, USD and GBP, which means you are able to hedge your savings in the volatility and inflation.

Cryptopay users transfer bitcoins to any potential location around the world, while their friends and family receive them commission-free. Worldwide Trade takes a few minutes instead of hours for banks:

  • Scan the QR-code or specify a wallet address manually
  • Specify the Amount
  • Confirm the payment, no identity checks required on both sides

New program provides users with an chance to purchase bitcoins onsite: just deposit some money and move to BTC account, bitcoins will appear on your account in a couple of seconds after the trade.

Virtual & plastic debit cards

Bitcoin plastic & virtual cards are an ultimate approach to pay with BTC in-store and online or withdraw money at ATMs anywhere MasterCards are accepted. Buy a few beers, a chainsaw for a zombie apocalypse or a new notebook — Cryptopay would aid in all of your aspirations.

Use virtual cards for recurring payments like Adobe subscriptions, Uber rides or residential utility bills.

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