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Centregold is a Digital Currency Exchange Provider. You can buy, sell and exchange different types of digital currency on our website at very competitive rates and from virtually anywhere in the world.

Established in Canada since 2007, Centregold is a good and reputable exchanger. There, you can buy for various kinds of digital currency online with easy and intuitive steps. You can track your orders in real time at our highly secure website, your communication is also secured for privacy and confidentiality. Use your credit card to purchase digital currencies faster (especially AMEX cards : mostly processed in a single business day*, for returning customers). Choose the bank transfer option for a lower fee.

BVI Office:
Digital Unity Ltd.
Mill Mall Tower, 2nd Floor
Wickhams Cay 1, Tortola
British Virgin Islands

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  1. The more i used the more i like, the time to finishing the transaction is always lower thanks js

  2. I’m pretty sure these guys just ripped me off. I made the exchange from my Visa to LibertyReserve on Thursday, and they said it’d be done by Friday. Its now Sunday, and I’ve sent 2 messages with no replies to either. I will be taking my business elsewhere, and continue complaining until I get my money back

  3. not the fastest but got the job done. visa debit card to LR. don’t try to use a visa gift card from the us either it doesn’t go through. they phone verify as well.

  4. The transaction took forever. They said it would take 48 hours, but I’m now on Day #5. I e-mailed them over the weekend to ask what was up and got a quick reply saying that they are understaffed on weekends; this was nice. The fees seem kind of high too, but I think all sites have high fees for CC transactions.

  5. We can tell that this comment isn’t valid.
    It may come from people trying to bypass our strong verification system, which has made our good reputation about security.

    CentreGold is among the best site for a digital currency transaction.
    Our customer care is fantastic with a detailed guide on how to place an order available here : http://www.centregold.info .

    Highly recommended.

  6. Centregold.ca is never reply to any request. Nobody replays from centregold.ca: never and ever. Multiple attempts contact centregold.ca over email or web site submission forms has no success.
    There is no phone number to contact centregold.ca except web site submission form.
    Exchange fees on centregold.ca web site are fake. Centregold.ca charges about 7% – 14% exchange fees to Liberty Reserve but advertizes as 3%.
    I did two transactions using centregold.ca. It takes several weeks to complete the transaction.

    The way centregold.ca is running the business is completely unprofessional. It is not even worse your time to deal with centregold.ca.

  7. Opened an account, initiated a transaction from LR to Pecunix. 3 days later after ranting & raving they ask me for an ID & Utility bill which should hjave been the case on account opening.Now I am verified 4th day I am still waiting. I would not advise anyone using them. Nice looking system but service is expensive, appalling support now I have doubts if they are legitimate

  8. I got my transaction completed within 2 business days. I was very satisfied with customer supports from Centregold. They were fast and professional. Highly recommended!

  9. Where do i begin.i have made a transaction with them on Sunday expecting at least by Tuesday my money would be in my LR.Well i am still waiting.I doesn’t help either that the fee are outrageous for such a lame service with weak customer support.i should’ve known that if a company dont have physical contact details your best bet is to avoid it.But what is even hard to understand is LR keep vouching for these guys.That along will make you raise an eyebrow.Forget about contacting them either(LR)they more than likely will not provide you with any help.that alone what to make me LR altogether.Still dont understand why LR wont offer direct funding on their site.avoid centregold at all cost.

  10. Bonjour

    J’ai commander un échange visa – lR USD le mardi, et j’ai reçus ma commande le jeudi à 2h09 du matin sois en environ 33H

    Très rapide.

    Je le recommande

  11. i’ve made an order type LR usd to bankwire in france after 3 days status is completed…. and after 3 weeks no money no transfer… the amount was 20230 usd…is there any issue???

  12. Avoid these guys at all cost. Zero support, very expensive fee, and lengthy order completion!

  13. Great service. Prompt & Fast. Used them several times LR to wire transfer. These guys get my vote & trust