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We have over 30 successfully e-currency exchangers listed on our monitor. All E-currency Exchangers should get listed with us in order to get member’s confidence and more customers. LRExchange is quickly becoming the internet’s premier online e-currency exchanges destination. Get better exposure and more customers from search engines that are looking to exchange their e-currency like libertyreserve, perfectmoney, ukash etc. Place your LRExchangeTRUST logo on your website. You can find all the necessary codes for the buttons on your exchanger’s details page.

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Add your website on LRExchange

 We are visited by over 10500 unique visitors monthly. Most of the traffic comes directly and through search engines (around 75%). This are some of the keywords we rank high on google and get hundred of visitors : liberty reserve, liberty reserve exchanger,instant exchange lr,alertpay to libertyreserve, pecunix, buy liberty reserve, sell liberty reserve, perfectmoney exchangers, solidtrustpay exchangers, liberty reserve exchangers same day

LRExchange Standard Membership Benefits

  1. Customers looking to buy,sell or exchange liberty reserve will see your site
  2. List your service on our directory adding your logo, description, contact details etc
  3. Check your competitors and you will see that most of them are trusting our services and are already members. Don’t leave yourself out.
  4. Increase visitor’s confidence in your services by showing them the LRExchange reviews
  5. You will be able to respond to reviews or delete the fake ones.
  6. Add on your site the authorized Lrexchange logo and seal that will increase member’s confidence
  7. Get over 50 strong backlinks to your website that increase your SEO position (from main page, your exchange page, payment processor page and the 41 translated  pages of our website)
  8.  Our listed exchangers may order advertising and get discounted rates.
  9. Newest information on technology and events affecting the e-currency exchange industry.
  10. Membership fee is only $49 paid yearly.

>> List your website now for only $49 yearly and see customers in next 24 hours

Premium Membership Benefits

All Standard Membership Plan features + this unique features bellow:

  1. We send a dedicated newsletter to our 2000+ subscribers to inform them about your company and the services your provide.
  2. The opportunity, if you wish, to participate in an interview with us that will be posted on our blog and send to our newsletter members. Here you will freely be able to describe the service you offer in your own words.
  3. A guaranteed review that will be published after first month of membership. If you wish to assign a particular date for the review of your exchange you can write to me using the contact form.
  4. Publishing all the important news and updates from your company regularly on the LRExchange blog on a high-priority basis.
  5. Sticky Topic to receive more exposure on our forum – TopGoldForum.com visited by over 6000 people daily.
  6. 468×60 rotating Banner Spot for life
  7. Link pointing to your website with seo anchor text to increase your SEO position.
  8. Membership fee is only $99 paid yearly.

>> List your website now for only $99 yearly and see customers in next 24 hours

Featured Membership Benefits

All Standard Membership Plan + Premium Membership features + this unique features bellow:

  1. Your exchanger will be listed first on main page, payment processor pages(21) and categories pages getting MOST of the exposure.Basically your business will always stay on top of all the exchangers and will be even more visible and noticeable to our visitors and readers compared to the websites listed in other categories. For a couple of months, Xchanger.org occupied this positions and we gather over 1000 affiliates (members that came from LRExchange and used their services).
  2. 728×90 Banner spot in site header for the life of the membership.
  3. 125×125 Banner spot in site sidebar for the life of the membership.
  4. Membership fee is only $250 monthly and you will earn way more. First because you will get new customers that will continue to come back on your website and secondly because this so much exposure will get you notoriety and fast business.

>> List your website now for only $250 monthly and see customers in next hours

After succeseful payment please contact us using the support form and we will get back to you to ask the details for listing your site. It will be up in 24-48 hours.

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